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    Bloom Hemp sources their USDA organic hemp from their farm in Longmont, Colorado where it’s harvested by hand. The folks at Bloom Hemp are hyper-focused on soil health, making sure sustainable practices are in place — some of which are required for USDA organic certification and others that Bloom Hemp knows will have the best natural impact on the soil in the long run. Bloom Hemp is interesting because they’ve gone through the exhaustive process of obtaining USDA organic certification (both time-consuming and expensive), but they remain a small, family-run operation. Their 60-acre organic hemp farm doesn’t put them in the category with the popular mass producers. Their cannabidiol and all their CBD products are made by a small team of passionate people. It shows. Another thing to love — with Bloom Hemp, the proof is in the pudding. And it’s really obvious. You can take one look at the third-party test results for their organic, full spectrum CBD oil and realize you’ve got something special. The brand’s full spectrum options are teeming with cannabinoids and put many of the ‘full spectrum’ CBD products out there to shame. ***No TM+ Bidding Permitted, will allow TM on topical products (Balm and lotion)***